Wildlife Day Kids’ Activities

World Wildlife Day is March 3rd! If you have kids, this can be a great time to talk to them about our animal companions. While we usually focus on pets, we do also appreciate and care about their wild cousins. Here, a Tampa, FL vet lists some ways your children can celebrate.


Drawing, writing, and making music are great ways for kids to learn to express themselves. Have them make something that has to do with wild animals. You can also pick up a wildlife-themed coloring book. These projects may end up being treasured mementos!


There are quite a few wildlife organizations that allow you to adopt and track various wild animals, in return for donations. Some of them allow you to track your wild buddy, and see where they are going. This isn’t free, but it can be a fun, ongoing thing to keep track of with your little one.


We live in a beautiful state, one that allows many opportunities to see and interact with wild animals. Take a day trip to ZooTampa Lowry Park, Disney’s Wild Kingdom, or Busch Gardens. You can also visit Big Cat Rescue, The Florida Aquarium, Sea World, or one of our many smaller attractions.

Nature Walk

If a zoo or aquarium is a bit much, you can also just head out onto a pretty park or trail, and just look to see what’s around. That could be anything from squirrels to gators to manatees, depending on where you go. Birdwatching can also be great fun for kids. There are plenty of books and apps to help ID wild birds.

Butterfly Adoption

Did you know that you can raise butterflies at home? You can order kits and caterpillars online. This can be a great project for kids!

Movie Night

As the day winds down, why not choose a movie featuring wild animals? There are plenty to pick from! If you’re in the mood for animation, you can’t go wrong with Ice Age, Lion King, or Madagascar. The Jungle Book and Happy Feet are also wonderful choices.


Head to the library or bookstore and have the kids pick out some wildlife books. An animal-themed encyclopedia or coffee table book would be a great resource for the little ones!

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