7 Reasons To Cuddle Your Kitten

Did you know that March 28th is Cuddly Kitten Day? Of course, kittens deserve to be cuddled every day. A local Tampa, FL vet lists some reasons to cuddle little Fluffy in this article.


First and foremost, cuddling is a great way to make Fluffy feel loved. This can help form and strengthen that special bond of friendship and love people share with their kitties. Just don’t force things: that’s a huge faux pas in the kitty rule book!


We probably don’t need to tell you that cuddling a cat can be very relaxing. This is actually wonderful for us, both mentally and physically. Cuddling Fluffy can lower your blood pressure, and can actually reduce your risk of heart attacks.


Did you know that snuggling kitties can help comfort people who are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or PTSD? Purring cats can be very soothing after a bad day!

Sleep Aid

Anyone who has ever had a cuddly furball for a pet can probably attest to this one. Fluffy does make a perfect napping buddy!

Growth Time

If your feline pal is still a baby, you have an extra reason to want to snuggle her. When you cuddle your cat, a special hormone is released in you. This hormone, Oxytocin, enforces feelings of love. Feline growth hormones are also released during sleep, so let your furry friend snooze on your lap or in your arms.

Purr Power

There’s something really special about Fluffy’s purr. As it turns out, kitties vibrate at the same frequencies that are used in physical therapy. These frequencies, which are about 25 to 150 Hertz, have been shown to promote healing and tissue growth. Cat purrs may just be a bit magical!


Kitties are very emotional. In fact, Fluffy sees you as her second ‘parent’. (Your feline overlord may also see you as a cook, butler, maid, masseuse, and entertainer, but that’s another topic.) That special love needs to be reinforced, however. Taking time to pet and snuggle with your cat every day will help ensure that she feels loved and safe. Many of us really just melt when kitties look up at us with that adoring look happy cats get!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns about your cat. As your Tampa, FL veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!

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