Ways To Save Money On Pet Care

Inflation is a major pain point for many people these days, with the costs of everything going up and up and up. That includes pet products as well. While there aren’t many things you can do about the cost of pet food, there are ways you can save some money. A Tampa, FL vet offers some tips on this below.

Buy In Bulk

One way to cut down on not just pet supplies, but also many groceries in general, is to buy in bulk. This is a good option for things like kibble, litter, and even catnip. Just don’t go too crazy: it won’t do you any good to buy a lot of food if it spoils before your pet eats it!

Keep Up With Preventative Care

It’s much easier to prevent medical problems than it is to treat them. Keeping up with your furry companion’s vaccinations and parasite control will help you protect them from dangerous diseases and parasites, such as heartworms. Regular wellness exams also increase the chances of issues being caught early, when treatment is often most effective.

Easily Check For Sales/Coupons

Couponing can be a hassle, but those savings can definitely add up. There are now many apps and browser add-ons that can automatically scan sites for discounts on specific products. This makes it easier than ever to knock those bills down a bit.

Get Your Furry Pal Fixed

Getting your four-legged buddy fixed is beneficial in several ways, aside from simply saving money. The biggest reason, of course, is preventing unwanted litters. However, your pet will also be healthier, calmer, and better behaved. Plus, you also won’t find yourself caring for puppies and kittens … which would likely end up costing more than the procedure.


Did you know that you can make many of your pet’s toys and furniture out of household items? You’ll find plenty of instructions and ideas online for making everything from catnip mice to cat towers to rope toys for Fido.


Never underestimate Fido and Fluffy’s ability to get into mischief. A single incident, such as your furry pal eating something they shouldn’t, can become an emergency which can quickly rack up veterinary care bills. Keep anything unsafe out of paws’ reach. We also recommend keeping cats inside. As for Fido, keep him leashed or in fenced areas at all times.

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