Tips For Adopting A Senior Dog

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! More and more people are seeing the benefits of adopting older dogs: they’re calmer, less destructive, already trained, and, of course, are absolutely adorable. However, there are a few things to be aware of. Here, a local Tampa, FL vet offers some tips on adopting a senior dog.

Petproof For Seniors

Getting ready for an older dog is somewhat different than petproofing for a puppy. You probably won’t need to worry about Fido chewing your shoes, though you should still keep potentially dangerous items out of paws’ reach, just to be safe. The focus should be on making your home safe and comfortable for an older dog. For instance, setting out carpet runners may help your pup get good traction, while a nightlight may help him get around after dark.

Provide Comforts

Older dogs often get stiff and sore, so it’s important to keep them comfortable. A good bed is very important. You may also want to consider getting your four-legged buddy a pet fountain, or setting up a kiddie pool for Fido in the yard.

Do Some Research

Senior dogs have slightly different care needs than puppies. Fido won’t need as much playtime as a younger dog. He may also do better with shorter but more frequent walks, rather than long, twice-daily strolls. Your canine pal’s breed will also factor in here. Do plenty of reading, including breed-specific research, and ask your vet for advice.

Be Prepared For Medical Issues

Thanks to advances in the world of veterinary medicine, our canine buddies are living longer than ever. However, just like people, our canine companions sometimes develop health issues in their later years. Part of taking on the responsibility of caring for an older pet is making sure they get the veterinary care they need. That includes regular wellness care, emergencies, and any health issues that may develop. 


Older pets don’t require as long of a commitment as puppies. This is actually one of the benefits of getting an older pet. You may only have a few years—or even a few months–with Fido. However, it’s still a lifelong promise. Make sure you’re ready for that!

Enjoy The Time

You may be surprised at how cute and sweet many older dogs are. Your heart may very well melt the moment you look into Fido’s eyes!

Do you have questions about senior dog care? Contact us, your local Tampa, FL pet hospital, today!

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