Trimming Down With Fido

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for the coming year? Fitness is always a popular resolution. As it turns out, Man’s Best Friend can be a great workout buddy. Fido may also need to lose a few pounds himself. A Tampa, FL vet offers some suggestions to help you and your canine pal meet your goals below.

Start Small

One reason that many people don’t stick to their fitness goals is simply because they overdo it out the gate, instead of setting reasonable objectives. Don’t push yourself into grueling workouts before you’re ready! This applies to your furry friend as well. Take time to build Fido’s endurance up slowly. (Tip: one good way to do that is to alternate walking and running.)

Choose The Right Exercise

Not every activity is going to be right for your canine buddy. Some pooches shouldn’t be encouraged to run or jump, while others cannot safely swim. Ask your vet for specific advice on the type and amount of activity that is right for your four-legged pal. You’ll need to be extra careful if Fido is a senior, as older dogs can overexert themselves very easily.

Consult Your Vet

Speaking of vets, it’s a good idea to get a professional opinion of how much weight Fido should lose. Get some specific advice on things like portion sizes and suitable treats as well.

Monitor Portion Sizes

Did you know that giving your canine companion just a few extra calories a day can cause him to pack on extra weight? Ten calories a day would work out to a pound a year. A hundred extra calories a day would be a pound a month. That’s a lot for a pup!

Limit Treats

Snacks are fine—they’re in fact great for bonding and training—but take care not to go overboard. Steel yourself against that adorable furry face! 


Fido can overheat very quickly, especially in Florida’s sweltering summer weather. Always bring water along! 

No Crash Diets

Fido has to lose weight slowly to drop those pounds safely. Don’t rush it! Slow and steady wins the race.

Have Fun

Our four-legged friends all have their own likes and dislikes. One pup may love swimming, while another may be terrified of water. Try new things, and see what Fido likes.

As your Tampa, FL pet clinic, we wish you a wonderful new year. Contact us anytime! 

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