Entertaining A Guinea Pig

Did you know that entertainment is really important to your Guinea pig’s overall health and well-being? There are lots of toys and amusement options for dogs and cats, but what about smaller animals? These little guys also need a good quality of life, and that includes enrichment. A local Tampa, FL vet offers a few helpful tips on playing with your cavy in this article.


Guinea pigs all have their own unique personalities, just like other pets. One may love chasing a cat toy on a string, while another may prefer rolling a little ball around. Pay attention to what your furry friend seems to enjoy the most, and watch for signs that your pint-sized pal either likes or dislikes an activity. 


Always pick a safe spot for playtime. This should be an enclosed area, so you won’t have to worry about your cavy escaping or getting into something he shouldn’t. You can petproof a room, or put out a puppy pen. Make sure the spot is free of potential hazards, such as small or sharp objects or toxic plants. You also want to make sure your pet can’t get into small holes behind or beneath furniture and cabinets.


Guinea pigs are quite smart. In fact, they can even learn some cute tricks. You may be able to teach your cute pet to stand on command, run circles around you, jump through a hoop, or even run into their cage on command. Patience and consistency are key here. Always be cheerful and positive, and use a friendly voice. Treats, of course, are also important. Opt for small portions, and stick with safe, suitable foods.


There are actually quite a few games you can try. Scavenger hunts are popular with many cavies. Your furry buddy may also like ‘racing’ for treats, or even running after a cat toy. (As you can probably guess, this can be pretty adorable.)


Like many of our animal companions, Guinea pigs can get frightened easily. Don’t pick your tiny friend up if they don’t like being held, and don’t swoop them up from behind. It’s also best to avoid loud, noisy toys or games: these guys have very astute hearing, and can be easily startled.

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