Holiday Gifts For Older Pets senior care

Happy Holidays! Is your furry best friend in their senior years? If so, you’ll want to keep that in mind when you pick out their gifts. Our animal companions’ needs do change a bit over time. A local Tampa, FL vet lists a few things you can put in your pal’s stocking below.


Fido’s care needs will change as he grows older. He’ll become stiff and sore, and may not be as active or playful. A comfy bed is definitely a great gift! It doesn’t matter if he already has one: it’s always good to have options. Your canine pal may also appreciate pet ramps or stairs, or perhaps some toys that are soft on his mouth and comfy to play with.


As with Fido, a good bed is probably going to be at the top of Fluffy’s list. Your kitty may also still enjoy some catnip. Try offering it in bubble form, or even giving her her own little plant. Another good option would be a comfy cat tower that is low to the ground and easy to climb on and off. (Toys and treats, of course, are always acceptable to our feline overlords.)

Pocket Pets

Pint-sized pets can also enjoy some special gifts. A new habitat may be a good bet. Your tiny pal may benefit from having ramps that are at gentler angles, and/or having better traction in their habitat or play area. Other options include a cozy bed or tent, or maybe just some extra bedding. Chew toys are also a great option for many of these little furballs.

Subscription Boxes

If you want to keep your four-legged friend comfy and happy all year, you may want to look into subscription boxes. Many of the companies doing these have options specifically for senior pets. Believe it or not, there are even options for smaller animals, like bunnies and hamsters!

All Pets

Older pets have slightly different nutritional needs. Many dogs and cats in their senior years benefit from supplements. For instance, glucosamine and fish oil are often helpful for arthritic pets. Your furry pal may also like a dinnerware upgrade, or perhaps a pet fountain. Of course, exact recommendations would depend on your pet and their specific needs. Ask your vet for more info.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Tampa, FL pet hospital, anytime!

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