Choosing Pet Safe Plants

Happy Holidays! We may not be in for a white Christmas this year (or any year), but we do get to enjoy beautiful weather. There’s a certain charm to seeing palm trees strung with lights! Florida is a great place for gardeners, or just anyone who likes plants. Of course, you’ll need to keep your furry pal in mind when picking yours out. A Tampa, FL vet discusses choosing pet-safe plants below.

Check Resources

The ASPCA has a wonderful resource for plants here. This directory is broken down into safe and unsafe plants for dogs, cats, and horses. If you have a different type of animal, you’ll want to find a specific source for that type of animal. That said, if something is unsafe for Fido, Fluffy, and/or Silver, it’s likely unsafe for other pets as well.

Consider Other Names

Many plants have several different names. Keep this in mind when shopping! You may want to use a site or source that offers all the different names.

Know The Big Bads

While many plants are toxic to pets, some are simply worse than others. Lilies, for example, are extremely toxic to cats. Even just licking a leaf or drinking the water can cause kidney failure. Sago palms may be at the top of the list for dogs. Other popular plants that are unsafe include tulips, rhododendrons, philodendrons, oleander, daffodils, and azaleas.

Consider Other Factors

Keep in mind that even if a plant is considered non-toxic, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Roses, for instance, are not poisonous. However, the sharp thorns can definitely cause serious injuries if ingested. There’s also a chance that plants have been treated with chemicals, which could themselves be poisonous to pets. Plus, seeds, leaves, stems, and branches can still be potential choking hazards.

Don’t Forget Arrangements

Never underestimate Fido and Fluffy’s capacity for getting into mischief! If you get a big, heavy plant, don’t put it on a stand where it could fall onto your furry buddy. The last thing you want is your pet batting at the leaves and pulling the plant down onto themselves.

Holiday Plants

Many popular seasonal plants are toxic to dogs and cats. These include poinsettias, holly, ivy, mistletoe, and pine. Keep these out of paws’ reach!

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