Post-Storm Trauma In Dogs: Helping Fido Cope

Just like people, Fido can be mentally and emotionally traumatized by bad experiences. This is extremely common in military dogs, but can happen with pets as well. This is an issue that often arises after a pooch has experienced things like abuse, injury, and other traumas. Hurricanes also fit the bill. After a ferocious hurricane, like Ian—or even a smaller storm, like Noelle—you may find your canine buddy is developing situational anxiety around storms. A Tampa, FL vet offers tips on helping your pet cope in this article.

Offer A Safe Space

Fido should have a little spot that he can always go to if he feels frightened. If your pooch has been properly crate trained, his crate may be the best option. You don’t have to close it: your pup may actually be more comfortable if he can come and go at will. This should be in a quiet spot, somewhere Fido can see and hear you without feeling too exposed.


Our canine companions often feel much safer when they are kept on a steady routine. Try to keep Fido on the same schedule for his walks, meals, and playtimes.


Making sure that Fido has plenty of toys to play with, and is getting enough walks and playtime. You want your furry pal to be entertained and tired, instead of bored and nervous!

Calming Products

There are products on the market that are made specifically to help soothe nervous pups, such as pheromone products, aromatherapy, and weighted blankets. Just be sure to only use products that were made for Fido. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Soothing Fido

It’s fine to comfort your furry friend when you know he is scared. However, don’t overdo it: if you coddle Fido every time it rains, you’ll actually be reinforcing his behavior.


Your canine pal may get nervous whenever a thunderstorm hits … which of course is almost a daily occurrence here in summer. It may help to play a radio in the background when it’s storming. You can also try desensitizing him by using an app that plays storm sounds. Just play it softly in the background until Fido gets used to it. Then, increase the volume bit by bit over time.

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