Fluffy’s Plans For World Domination

Cat World Domination Day is coming up on June 24 . This may sound a bit silly, but keep in mind that many kitties already have their humans wrapped around their paws. What would our feline pals do if they did manage to take over the world? A local Tampa, FL veterinarian has a few ‘petucated’ guesses below.

Cat Gardens

Kitties are much safer staying in. Weather, predators, traffic, crocodiles, chemicals … there’s almost no end to the potential hazards Fluffy can meet outside. Catios are a great way to let your furry pal enjoy some sunshine and get a taste of nature while staying safe and sound. Of course, if Fluffy suddenly became Supreme Ruler, she’d probably have some demands in this area. You may see cat gardens on every block, complete with Fluffy’s favorite plants (catnip and wheat grass). Stocked moats and fishponds, aviaries, and catwalks would also be required, along with plenty of trees and cat towers.


Did you know that there are programs made just for kitties? Some of our feline friends really enjoy watching mice and birds on TV. In fact, Fluffy may decide to cancel all current programs and broadcasts, and only allow programming for cats.

House Design

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to find that Fluffy also has some plans for architecture and urban planning. Every house may suddenly be required to have not only a catio, but also a cat enclosure, several catwalks, and at least one full-sized tree or cat tower. Our furry rulers may also demand beds and kitty furniture in every room, and would require at least one empty box per day..


Kitties may be small, but they clearly see themselves as fierce predators. They also have a knack for bossing their humans around. If Fluffy got a true taste of power, she may ramp up her demands a bit. For instance, she may soon make it illegal for you to move when she’s in your lap or to otherwise disturb her beauty rest.


Fido may very well bear the brunt of any new policies enacted by our feline overlords. Fluffy may relegate her canine roommate to the back yard … or at the very least, claim his bed for herself.

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