Bonding With A Shelter Cat

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! While there’s no bad time to adopt a cute kitty, June is certainly a purrfect one. Many shelters are overwhelmed with kittens at this time of year. That may sound like an adorable problem to have, but it’s actually very sad, as there are millions of cute kitties in need of homes. This is a purrfect time to adopt Fluffy. Of course, your new pet may need time to settle in. Here, a Tampa, FL vet offers some advice on getting that motor going.

Kitty Luxuries

We may love to joke about how our feline overlords want us to wait on them hand and paw, and to be fair, some of them do. Luckily for us, it’s quite easy to turn your home into a luxury cat mansion. Set out lots of comfy beds, and provide kitty musts like cat towers, scratching posts, beds, and window seats. Catnip and boxes will also score you some purrs.


Simply talking to Fluffy in a friendly tone of voice can go a long way towards earning her trust. It doesn’t matter what you say: your kitty can pick up your mood and emotions from your voice. The key thing is that she’ll know you’re communicating with her.


Playing isn’t just fun for Fluffy: it helps her work off any kitty angst she feels, builds confidence, keeps her in shape, and gives her a healthy way to work off her zoomies. Provide plenty of playthings, and play with your feline buddy daily.


We know, kitties are adorable. However, you should never force attention on them. It’s better to build trust slowly. Let Fluffy come to you when she wants to be petted.


Brushing your cat is also a good way to bond with her. Many kitties are basically furry divas that love being pampered. This isn’t something you want to force, though: if Fluffy doesn’t care for being brushed, just let her be.


It may take Fluffy time to warm up to you. That’s perfectly fine! Don’t try to rush things, and don’t force attention on your new pal. You’ll have that motor going before you know it!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. As your Tampa, FL animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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