Doggy On The Go: Taking Fido Out And About

Does your canine pal like to accompany you to different places? Fido is very loyal, and he loves going on adventures with his human buddies. Just be sure to put your pup’s safety first when taking him off your property. A Tampa, FL vet discusses taking your pooch out and about below.


We can’t overstate the importance of this one. Here in Florida, cars can reach deadly temperatures in just a few minutes. Never, ever leave your pup unattended in a vehicle! This is actually considered a felony in many places, and with good reason. Sadly, many dogs did not survive those high temperatures. (Note: the only exception here would be if you have a Tesla, as they have pet-safe modes.)


Dogs should always travel crated. It may be cute seeing them stick their heads out windows, but this can be quite dangerous. Fido could get bugs, dust, or even pebbles in his eyes, ears, or nose. He could also accidentally roll a window up or down, and is in grave danger of being seriously injured—or even thrown—in case of an accident.


Want to explore a new park? There are apps for that! This is a fun way to give Fido a change of scenery and stretch your legs a bit.


Always bring water along for Fido, even if you don’t plan to be gone long. (It’s generally just a good idea to keep at least a few gallons in your car anyway, just in case.)


Need to stop for lunch? There are plenty of pet-friendly restaurants in the Bay area. Fido may not be welcome inside, but he’s often allowed on patios. However, just because you can take Fido to your favorite spot doesn’t mean you should. If your canine buddy is uneasy around strangers, barks a lot, or has any aggressive tendencies at all, he probably is better off staying home.

Snack Time

Did you know that there are several restaurants that have secret menus for Fido? Starbucks, for instance, offers a ‘puppucino’, while Shake Shack has the Poochini and the Bag Of Bones. Of course, almost any drive-through will be able to offer a plain burger or grilled chicken patty, a strip of bacon, or perhaps some deli meat.

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