Gasparilla With Fido

Ahoy, mates! Unless you’ve just moved to the beautiful Tampa Bay area, you’re likely familiar with Gasparilla, a celebration of our piratey past, with various parades, parties, and events taking place in January, February, and March. In this arrrrticle, a local Tampa, FL offers a few tips on celebrating with your canine buddy.


Going to a cookout? Take care not to let Fido have anything that isn’t safe for him. Some unsafe foods include meat on the bone, guacamole, chocolate, grapes and raisins, and products that contain xylitol. You’ll also need to be careful with trash, and in areas near public grills. Skewers, fat trimming, tin foil, can lids, and toothpicks are all dangerous for dogs.

Photo Shoot

Fido really does make a charming little pirate. Take a few pics of your pet in full pirate pup gear. Snap your furry friend’s picture against a backdrop of beads, pirate decorations, and/or Bucs paraphernalia!


Some pooches get very nervous when things get loud. If your neighbors are celebrating loudly, turn a TV or radio on to mask the noise. Pet-calming products may also help.


We have to admit, some of our favorite Gasparilla pictures are of Tampa Bay’s cutest pups, dressed up in pirate regalia. It’s fine to put a Jolly Roger on your furry pal, or hang beads and/or bandanas around his neck. Just make sure everything fits well, and doesn’t restrict your dog’s vision or movement. Avoid anything with small or sharp parts, or dangling ropes or cords. Also, supervise Fido carefully, and don’t let him eat his props!


Take some extra precautions when walking your pooch, especially if you live near parade routes. Watch the ground, and don’t let Fido pick up debris or food scraps. (The Leave It command can be useful for this.) You’ll also need to watch for things like broken glass.


Don’t give your canine companion any booze. Even small amounts of alcohol can make Fido very sick!


Headed to a parade, party, or event with Fido? Bring plenty of water along for him!


Dogs can get very frightened by a lot of noise and commotion. This can make them prone to bolt. Make sure Fido is microchipped and wearing ID tags.

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