Taking Fido To The Park

Did you know that January is Walk Your Dog Month? Of course, dog walking at this time of year is much more pleasant here than it is for our friends and family up north. One good thing about living here in the Sunshine State is the fact that we can enjoy taking strolls with our canine companions all year round. We’re also fortunate to have some very beautiful parks. A local Tampa, FL veterinarian offers advice on taking Fido to the park in this article.

Preventative Care

Dog parks can be absolute hotspots for heartworms, which are transmitted from pup to pup via everyone’s favorite insect, the mosquito. Fido could also pick up fleas, ticks, and other parasites from his buddies. Make sure your furry buddy is current on his vaccines and parasite control.


We strongly advise against letting your pooch go off-leash, except of course in fenced-in areas. However, proper ID is still important. Fido should be microchipped and wearing

ID tags. You may also want to get him a collar that has GPS technology.


Our canine pals really enjoy and benefit from interacting with other dogs. It’s good for Fido to have friends of his own kind! Unfortunately, there’s always a chance of running into an aggressive dog. If you see any pups that are bullying or acting hostile, take your pooch for a walk instead.


Many parks have fountains or faucets. Some even have doggy fountains that spray water when Fido steps on them! You should still bring water along, though, just in case the facilities are broken or unavailable. You may want to get a doggy water bottle with an attached dispenser.


In summer, try to take Fido to the park in the mornings or evenings, when it’s not quite as hot. In what passes for winter around here, just head home before it gets dark!

Picking Up

Always pick up after your four-legged buddy! Many parks do offer waste baggies, but it’s best to bring some anyway, just in case.


Dog parks can be a good place to work with Fido. It’s important for him to always obey you, even when his buddies are around. Just make sure your furry best friend gets plenty of time to play and sniff grass.

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