Getting Fido Ready for the Heat

Summer’s not far off now. Florida can be scorching in the warmer half of the year. The worst of the hot weather may be a ways off, but this is a good time to start getting your pooch ready for it. A Tampa, FL vet offers some advice on getting your canine companion prepared below.


Do you usually get Fido’s coat trimmed in summer? If so, it’s probably time to make him an appointment at the salon. Not all dogs can get clipped, so check with your vet if you aren’t sure whether or not this is suitable for your pup.

Doggy Bag

If you like to take your canine pal to some of our beautiful parks or beaches, you may want to get a bag ready for him. Include things like towels, sunblock, a first-aid kit, a tie line, waste baggies, treats, and collapsible water bowls.

Cooling Vets

Does your furry friend really struggle with the heat? Consider getting him a cooling vest. There are different types available. Some you keep in the freezer. Others you just soak with water. These can definitely help keep Fido cool on those sweltering days!

Cold Treats

One of the best ways to deal with those scorching temperatures is by enjoying a cold snack. Pick up some frozen treats for Fido! You can find doggy ice cream in many pet stores. You can also make your own. Look online for recipes. Just be sure to only use dog-friendly ingredients.


Keeping Fido hydrated is absolutely crucial in hot weather. Your pooch may enjoy a pet fountain. If you have a large house, more than one dog, and/or a fenced yard, set out extra water stations. (Tip: Drop some ice cubes into your canine buddy’s water on hot days.) Be sure to change the water every day!

Yard Checkup

Do you have a fenced yard for Fido to play in? Make sure it’s dog-friendly. Toxic plants are one concern. Sago palms are particularly dangerous to dogs. You’ll find many more on the ASPCA site here. Fido may also enjoy a doghouse, or perhaps a kiddie pool. Either way, make sure your furry pal always has shade, shelter, and water outdoors.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Tampa, FL veterinary clinic, we are here to help!

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