Keeping a Senior Dog Active

Is your canine pal getting up there in years? If so, your pet is entering a very special time in his life. Dogs are cute at any age, but senior dogs are just heart-meltingly sweet and lovable. Of course, while Fido won’t be as playful or active as he once was, he’ll still need regular physical activity. A Town N’ Country vet discusses keeping your old buddy fit and active in this article. 

Let Fido Pick The Pace

Daily walks tend to be the gold standard when it comes to senior dog workouts. Enjoy those relaxing strolls with your furry pal! Just let Fido choose his pace. Keep an eye out for signs of fatigue, and head home when he starts to look tired.

Let The Pup Swim

If your canine friend enjoys swimming, then by all means indulge him. This is a great way for older dogs to stay active! It’s very easy on their bones and joints, but still provides a great cardio workout. Just put Fido’s safety first. Only let him swim under careful supervision, and never in a place with heavy wakes or steep drop-offs. Needless to say, you’ll also want to avoid letting your dog splash around in ponds or lakes where gators could be lurking.

Mind The Heat

Senior dogs are very sensitive to weather extremes. Fido can get hot very quickly on those sweltering summer days! When it’s really hot out, try to walk your pooch in the morning or evening. You may also want to take some water with you. Or, soak a bandana, and hang that around his neck.

Paw Care

Your canine buddy’s feet could likely use some extra attention at this stage. Paw balm can protect his ‘toe beans’ from hot tar and asphalt. Also, make sure to keep Fido’s claws clipped. Finally, try to stay off scorching surfaces, especially after your pup has been swimming.

Take Time To Play

Playing is still going to be fun for your furry bff. Even old dogs like to let their inner puppies out! Choose a safe area with soft surfaces, such as a lawn or carpet. Also, don’t make your pup jump or stand on his back legs. This isn’t good for an older dog’s hips and back!

Do you have questions about caring for senior dogs? Call us, your Town N Country veterinary clinic, today! 

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