Tips for Adopting a Shelter Pet

April 30th is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day! If you’re ready to adopt, please consider going through a shelter. This is a great way to find your new pet. A Tampa, FL vet offers some suggestions on this below.

Take Your Time

Adopting an animal is a huge commitment, and not one to take lightly. Think carefully before proceeding. Consider the traits you do and don’t want in a pet. For instance, if reading and gaming are your favorite pastimes, a puppy that needs several hours of training, play, and exercise a day may not be the best fit. Spend time with your new potential pet before deciding.

Be Prepared For Hiccups

In some cases, you can find quite a bit out about shelter pets. However, sometimes there is little or no information available about a pet. You may find that your furry friend has some quirks, phobias, or bad habits. Don’t expect perfection right away! Be patient, and stick to a steady routine as much as you can. You’ll also need to do some petproofing.

Give Your Pet Time

Some pets will walk into their new homes and immediately settle in, as though they’d always lived there. In other cases, it can take time for Fido and Fluffy to adjust. As a rule of thumb, pets need three days for that initial adjustment, three weeks to start to adapt, and three months to really relax and feel safe. 

Schedule A Veterinary Appointment

One of the first things you’ll want to do is take your furry friend to meet their doctor. While most shelter pets are already fixed, your pet will need a full exam. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! This is a great time to get specific care tips, based on your new pal’s breed, age, weight, and health. 

Don’t Force Attention

Dogs and cats are very cute, so it’s hard to resist the urge to hug them. However, you should never force attention on Fido or Fluffy. Let your four-legged buddy decide when they want to cuddle. Offering toys and treats will help them form a good association with you. Conversation and playtime also help. With time, love, and great care, you’ll be scoring purrs and tail wags before you know it!

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