If Dogs Had Thumbs

There’s a pretty fun pet holiday around the corner. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! We suspect that if our feline patients suddenly grew thumbs, they’d be very interested in locking Fido out of the house, and perhaps sorting through your drawers. But what about Fido? Here, a local Tampa, FL vet makes some educated guesses at what Man’s Best Friend would do with opposable thumbs.

Raid The Fridge

It’s probably safe to say that the number one thing on your pup’s to-do list would be to eat, well, pretty much everything. Fido would waste little time in opening every can, box, and package you have in the house. You’d likely come home to find your place more or less ransacked and your furry pal sleeping off his meal in the midst of the mess.

Go For Adventures

Dogs are very curious and playful, and they love to explore. Your canine companion would very likely indulge his taste for adventure by immediately letting himself out of the house. Fido may stop to pick up some of his furry buddies on the way to his favorite dog beach or park. After a fun day of sniffing grass, your four-legged wanderer may stop at a doggy café, or perhaps a burger joint, for supper.

Trick The Cat

Dogs and cats sometimes become very friendly with one another. It’s always adorable seeing a kitty snoozing on top of her canine pal. However, Fido and Fluffy have been known to bicker now and then. Your pooch may very well decide to lock his feline roommate into a closet or cabinet!

Back Scratchers

The expression dogs make when someone scratches their itchy spots is always super cute. Fido would waste little time experimenting with a back scratcher, pencil, and anything else that would help him reach those hard-to-get itchies.

Water Play

Although March isn’t the hottest month, it’s usually warm enough for a trip to the beach or pool. Fido may opt to cool himself off by playing with your garden hose and/or setting himself up a little sprinkler.

Online Shopping

It’s probably a good thing dogs don’t have thumbs … or credit cards. If Fido figured out one-click shopping, he’d probably spend hours ordering himself toys, food, and treats!

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