Tips for Playing With Your Senior Cat

Is your feline friend in her golden years? Fluffy is just as cute as a senior as she is when she is little, though she’ll probably won’t be as frisky. One of the best things you can do for an older kitty is to take time to play with her regularly. This will help keep your furry buddy active, which is great for her physically. Plus, it will provide her with mental stimulation. Of course, it’s also just fun! Read on as a local Tampa, FL vet offers some advice on entertaining an older pet.

Keep Kitty Healthy

Pouncing and jumping are instinctive for cats. However, Fluffy has to really concentrate to time those tricky run/jump combos just right. This is great for her brain. In fact, it’s almost like a kitty version of doing a crossword puzzle. This is very important as your cat ages, as it can help fight the cognitive decline some cats face as they grow old. Stick to your kitty playtime routine!

Make It Fun

Use interactive toys, like wand toys or laser pointers. These make playtime more challenging for kitties, which will in turn make it more fun. When you control your pet’s toy, you’ll really help her indulge her inner huntress.

Set A Schedule

Just like people, cats sometimes get confused and forgetful. One thing that can be beneficial to your pet is sticking to a set schedule for meals, cuddle time, and play sessions. Many kitties are creatures of habit, and really thrive on routine.

Don’t Worry About Overdoing It

When your furball was little, she could probably spend hours running and playing. Older kitties, however, will tire out much more quickly. That said, while you shouldn’t encourage Fluffy to jump very high or race back and forth, you don’t really need to worry about overexerting her. When cats get tired, they simply stop playing and go take a nap.

Time It Right

Try to play with your cat every day. Keep the sessions short and sweet. A couple five-minute sessions would be fine.

End With Purrs

Once playtime is over, offer Fluffy a special treat, or let her snuggle up on your lap for a snooze. Making sure your feline buddy feels loved and safe is very important!

Please reach out to us, your local Tampa, FL vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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