Hamster Care Tips

Are you looking to adopt a small but adorable pet? A hamster may be perfect for you! These adorable little furballs can make great little pets. A Tampa, FL vet discusses caring for Hammie in this article.


First things first: make sure that Hammie is comfortable in his cage. Different types of hamsters have different cage size requirements, so do a bit of research before you go shopping. Once you have the cage picked out, you’ll need to get a suitable substrate, such as aspen. (Note: avoid pine or cedar substrates, which are toxic to small animals. Cotton bedding is also unsafe.) Be sure to add enough substrate to allow your little buddy to build tunnels. Your hamsters will also need a hidey-hole and a water bottle.


Choosing the right spot is very important. Hamsters are nocturnal, so you may not want to put your pet in a child’s bedroom. If you have dogs or cats, raise Hammie’s home off the floor. Keep your furry friend in a room that always stays between 65-75 degrees. If your hamster gets cold, he may try to hibernate. This is very dangerous for pet hamsters, as they don’t know how to hibernate safely.


Hammie can have commercial food for his main meals. You’ll want to supplement this with safe, suitable produce and a bit of grass hay. For treats, you can offer celery, apples, peppers, lettuce, and carrots. Ask your vet for specific advice. It’s important to know that hamsters are very convincing beggars. However, don’t fall for that empty bowl and pleading expression: your pint-sized pet may very well have stashed some of his food for later!


Hamsters have open-rooted teeth, which means they need to chew quite a bit to prevent painful dental problems. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to keep your pet’s toy box full. Many wood, wicker, and cardboard items are fine. For instance, the tubes from paper towel rolls make great chew toys. Even plain paper is fine. Just avoid giving your furball anything covered in varnish, paint, stain, or dye. Items with sharp edges or small parts are also a no-no. Hammie may also enjoy tunnels and mazes. If you get him an exercise wheel, choose a solid one: the wire ones can be dangerous.

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