7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Purring

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! While our feline pals no doubt deserve to be happy and healthy all year long, this is a great time to show Fluffy some extra TLC. Read on as a local Tampa, FL vet offers some helpful tips on keeping your kitty content.


Your cute, lovable little pet is actually a ferocious predator by nature. Offer Fluffy lots of fun toys to play with. Cats all have their own unique tastes, so give your kitty a variety of playthings, and see what she likes best.


Get your kitty some pieces of furniture that she won’t have to share with her human buddies. Cat towers are great for Fluffy! You can also please your feline overlord with kitty tunnels, pet tents, scratching posts or boards, and, of course, lots of comfy beds.


Believe it or not, cats can and do get bored. Give your furball a comfy spot before a window with a good view. Fluffy may also appreciate having a TV or radio left on for her. Some kitties even enjoy watching documentaries about birds, fish, and other small critters.

Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care is an important part of any good pet care regimen. We recommend that all kitties be fixed, microchipped, and kept current on their vaccinations, exams, and parasite control products. If you see any signs of illness, such as poor grooming, hiding, or uncharacteristic vocalizations, contact your vet immediately.


Make sure to keep your furry buddy’s litterbox clean. No one likes a dirty bathroom!


Our feline buddies have a rather remarkable ability to get into mischief. Keeping Fluffy inside will protect her from cars, weather, other animals, and other hazards. We also recommend doing some basic kittyproofing. Toxic plants, wires and cords, chemicals, medicine, plastic bags, and anything small or sharp can all endanger your cute pet. Keep these things out of paws’ reach!


Cats have tried very hard to make us think that they are cold, aloof killers, but in truth, these quirky little furballs are actually very emotional, and get extremely attached to their humans. Pay attention to your feline friend! If Fluffy doesn’t like to snuggle, just talk to her and play with her.

As your Tampa, FL vet clinic, we are happy to provide great veterinary care for cats. Call us today!

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