Kitty Communication

Is your feline friend quite chatty and talkative? Cats all have their own unique vocalization patterns. Some, such as the Siamese or Maine Coon, are very talkative, while others, like Ragdolls, are on the quiet side. Of course, meowing isn’t the only way your furball expresses herself. Cats also communicate non verbally. A Tampa, FL vet discusses kitty communication in this article.


The meow is Fluffy’s main communication tactic … at least when it comes to communicating with us. Kitties rarely ‘talk’ to one another: they communicate through body language, facial expressions, and other vocalizations, such as hissing or, when they feel amorous, singing. You may find that your furball also responds when you talk to her. The more you interact with your cat, the more interactive she’ll become! Keep in mind that changes in your furry buddy’s usual speech patterns can be a sign that Fluffy isn’t feeling well. For instance, if your pet is usually quiet but is suddenly meowing continually, she may be ill. Contact your vet ASAP.

Tail Position

You can also tell quite a bit from Fluffy’s tail and whiskers. If your kitty runs to greet you with her tail held up straight, and perhaps wiggling a bit, then she’s happy to see you. If Fluffy is lashing her tail, she’s in attack mode, which could be either playful or aggressive. If your feline companion’s tail is tucked close beneath her, especially when she’s hunched into a ball, she may be nervous or cold. (Here in Florida, cold isn’t usually the culprit.)


Cats also give signals with their whiskers. If Fluffy is curious or focusing on something, she may point her whiskers forward. This helps her hone in on whatever she’s concentrating on. If her whiskers are drooping or pointing out, she’s probably pretty relaxed. If they’re flattened back, your furry pal may be feeling fearful or angry.

Hi-Tech Talk

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds lately, and Fluffy has not been left behind. You can actually get pads that ‘speak’ for your kitty when she steps on them. You can program these to say things like Food, Out, Play, Catnip, or your name … whatever you think your pet may want to say. There are also apps that ‘translate’ your feline pal’s vocalizations. (Results may vary.)  

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