Cute DIY Toys To Celebrate Meow Like A Pirate Day

Meow Like A Pirate Day is coming up on September 19th. This is definitely very relevant to those of us in Tampa Bay! As you have probably noticed, we have a longstanding history of pirates, one that we choose to celebrate. Gasparilla may be a bit much for Fluffy, but she can still get in on the fun at home. If you like crafting, read on. A local Tampa, FL vet lists a few DIY things you can make for your feline buddy in this article.

Kitty Ship

More people than ever are getting more items than ever delivered to their homes. Chances are, you probably have some cardboard boxes lying about. Why not turn some into a pirate ship for your feline buccaneer?

Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are really easy to make, and they never get old. You can get any material that’s in theme, such as a Jolly rancher or any type of fish pattern. Or, make Fluffy a bottle of rum, a pirate sword, or even a parrot! If you want to go all-out, make your furry friend a shoebox treasure chest, and put her loot in that.

Seafarin’ Treats

It’s probably safe to say that real pirate kitties ate a lot of fish. Mix some canned tuna or salmon with fat-free Greek yogurt and some parsley. Divide into small portions, and pop into the oven. Y’arr!


There are a few caveats here. Most cats feel very uncomfortable and unsafe in costumes, so you shouldn’t force your furry buddy to wear something if she seems uneasy. However, you can make Fluffy a little hat or eyepatch. Just supervise her carefully, and don’t leave it on for any longer than it takes to get that photo.


Many kitties love heights, so it’s not hard to imagine seafaring furballs calmly walking across riggings and gangplanks. Buy or make Fluffy her own little catwalk. This is a great option for a catio!

Cat Tower

You can make Fluffy her own cat tower out of wood, PVC pipe, or real branches, or by upcycling an old shelf or stepladder. How to pirate it up? Add a Jolly Roger flag. (Given that we are in Florida, a Bucs flag will also work.)

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