Signs Of Pain In Older Pets

Is your furry friend entering—or perhaps already in—their senior years? If so, you’ll need to keep an eye out for signs of developing health conditions. Some changes, such as stiffness from arthritis, are quite common. Others, such as a sudden lack of appetite, can be indicative of medical emergencies. And while every pet and condition is unique, there are some common ones to look for. A local Tampa, FL vet lists a few of them below.


Stiffness and lack of mobility can be indicative of bone/joint issues, such as arthritis. Fido may have trouble getting in and out of cars, climbing stairs, or getting on and off beds and couches. You may notice him limping and/or shifting position a lot, as if he can’t get comfortable. Or, he may lick or nibble at specific spots on his body, such as a leg or paw.


Kitties often try to mask signs of illness, so it can be hard to tell if Fluffy isn’t feeling well. You may notice some subtle changes at first. Your feline pal may no longer like being held or picked up, and she may sleep more than usual. She may also have trouble jumping and climbing, and may start sleeping on the floor or in spots that are easy to reach. Poor grooming is another red flag. Older kitties may also be reluctant to climb stairs, and may not be interested in batting their cat toys around anymore. Withdrawal, grumpiness, and litterbox issues are also red flags.

Any Pet

There are also a few things that apply to any animal. These include a lack of appetite, sudden weight gain or loss, discolored gums, respiratory issues, skin trouble, fur thinning, vomiting, and diarrhea. Behavioral changes, such as sudden aggression, are also signs that something is wrong. Your four-legged pal may wince or even snap at you if you touch them in a sensitive spot.


It’s important to spend time with your furry buddy every day, and pay attention to them. Also, talk to your vet regularly, and get tips on adjusting your pet’s care regimen as they age. For instance, a puppy may need lots of vigorous play, but a senior dog may just need a few daily walks.

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