5 Ways To Keep Your Cat’s Fur Healthy

Our feline friends have many charming qualities. They’re cute, affectionate, lovable, and highly entertaining. They also have soft, pretty fur, which helps make them so cuddle-able. Kitties are very dedicated to their beauty rituals: Fluffy will spend up to a third of her waking hours grooming herself, and keeping her fur soft and clean. However, she can still use a helping hand in this area. Here, a Tampa, FL veterinarian discusses keeping your furball’s coat looking good.


Most short haired cats probably only need to be brushed every week or so, except during peak shedding times. Long haired kitties, however, should be brushed at least every other day. Senior cats also need extra TLC. Once your furry little diva reaches her senior years, she may become quite stiff and sore, and could have a hard time bending and stretching enough to properly groom herself. Ask your vet for tips.

Kitty Cooperation

You’ll need to get Fluffy on board with the idea of being brushed. The key is to make her realize that she’s being pampered, not punished. Choose a time when she’s feeling relaxed and affectionate. Offer treats, praise, and ear scritches to get that motor going.


Your pet’s diet also affects her fur condition. Offer Fluffy a good, high-quality food, one that contains plenty of Omega-3 and 6 oils and fatty acids. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Parasite Control

If Fluffy is plagued by fleas, ticks, mites, or scabies, her skin and coat will definitely be affected. Nobody likes feeling itchy or inflamed. Keep up with your furry pal’s parasite control!

Regular Veterinary Care

Your pet would probably rather stay home and take a nap than visit us, but she’ll be much healthier with regular veterinary appointments. If Fluffy doesn’t feel well, she may very well forego her usual daily beauty routine. Before long, her fur will start looking unkempt and matted, and perhaps a bit greasy. Yikes!

Purrs And Love

If Fluffy is feeling stressed or bored, she may react by overgrooming herself. She could also go off her food, which would affect her skin and coat as well. Pay lots of attention to your kitty, and make sure she feels loved, safe, and at least a little bit spoiled.

Do you have questions about your kitty’s fur? Contact us, your Tampa, FL care clinic, today!

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