5 Rude Things Your Cat Will Do Over The Holidays

Season’s Greetings! It’s hard to believe that the holidays are already here, but they are! It’s always nice to slow down, relax, and enjoy some seasonal traditions with your loved ones. As it turns out, kitties also have a few annual traditions … and some of them are quite rude! Read on as a Tampa, FL vet lists some adorable but impudent things Fluffy will do this month.

Knock Things Off The Table

Does Fluffy sometimes knock things off your table or coffee table, and then look very proud of herself? Chances are, your precocious pet will do this a few times over the holidays.

Tree Shenanigans

Fluffy will definitely be bright eyed and bushy tailed when she spots that tree. If you want to try and keep your tree standing, there are a few things you can try. One option is to limit the amount of ornaments on the bottom part of the tree. Put just a few sturdy, nonbreakable ornaments on the lower branches, The rest of your decorations, including most of the lights and tinsel, should be on the top two-thirds. You can also try blocking your furry pal’s access to the tree with a fence or baby gate. Toys and playtime will also help tire Fluffy out.

Napping Location

One thing all kitties have in common? A love of naps! Fluffy may spend a whopping 20 hours a day snoozing. At this time of year, your cat will likely take many of those naps in spots that are rather inconvenient. You may find your drowsy pet sleeping under the tree, on top of someone’s present, on a guest’s coat, or in the middle of the room!

Steal Boxes

Have you ever tried to gift-wrap something—or even just put it in a box–with a cat watching? This can get tricky! Your frisky, box-obsessed little furball may try to offer her ‘assistance’ with wrapping gifts. (Of course, Fluffy actually isn’t very helpful, but no one has the heart to tell her that.)

Ignore You

Our feline friends tend to do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Fluffy may demand attention when you’re busy, only to ignore you when you’re ready to snuggle up with her for movie time. How rude!

Happy Holidays from Baycrest Animal Hospital, your Tampa, FL animal clinic. Contact us anytime!

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