Happy Cat Month

September is a pretty important month for kitties: it’s Happy Cat Month. Fluffy is quite an easy keeper, but she does need love and good care to thrive. In this article, a Tampa, FL vet lists some things that are bound to please your feline overlord.


Fluffy is notoriously sleepy. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that your pet is snoozing right now! Set out lots of beds and cozy spots. Keep your furry buddy’s personality in mind. Timid cats will probably appreciate having some enclosed napping spots.


Our feline friends are predators by nature, and they have pretty deep-rooted instincts for pouncing on things. Give your kitty lots of toys, so she can unleash her inner lion. If possible, try to play with your furry friend every day. Even a few minutes of playtime will help Fluffy feel loved. This will also keep her in great shape physically.

Window Views

Kitties are quite curious, and love exploring. Unfortunately, the Great Outdoors can be pretty dangerous for a little furball. Fluffy will be safer indoors. However, she will enjoy having a comfy napping spot with a good view.

Cat Furniture

For the most part, Fluffy will make herself comfy on your furniture. However, she will benefit from having some things that were made to suit her, such as a cat tower or kitty condo. Scratching posts are also important. Keep in mind that cats don’t have very expensive tastes. Your pet will be just as happy with a cardboard box as she would be with an expensive kitty tree.

Clean Facilities

Cats are very clean, which is definitely a huge plus. They also prefer their litterboxes kept that way. We recommend scooping daily, and changing out the litter every week or so.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy may not be thrilled about coming in, but she will feel much better with good care. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.


Kitties all have their own distinct purrsonas, and some are more affectionate than others. However, even cats that are more aloof still enjoy interacting with their humans. If Fluffy is a little cuddlebug, then by all means, indulge her. If not, pamper her by talking to her, playing with her, and just hanging out with her.

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