Halloween Care for Cats

Halloween is just around the corner. This can be a pretty dangerous holiday for pets! Kitties are especially at risk. Read on as a Tampa, FL vet offers some helpful tips on keeping your feline friend safe.


We always recommend keeping kitties indoors. This goes double at this time of year! Increased traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, is one concern. Unfortunately, there is also a danger of Fluffy being hurt or stolen. Black cats are particularly at risk, in part because of the old superstitions connecting them to witchcraft. Err on the side of caution, and ground your adventurous pet.


Our feline overlords are usually fairly finicky. However, they will eat things that are bad for them if they are curious or coaxed to. Keep candies, candy wrappers, and sugary foods out of paws’ reach! 


Some cats are bold and fearless, and won’t even bother to get up when the doorbell rings. Others will immediately run for cover when guests arrive. And then there are the kitties who see an open door as a chance for freedom, and will try to dart out through people’s legs. If your fuzzy buddy falls into either of the last two categories, put her in a quiet back room with food, toys, and a comfy bed on Halloween. Just let the furball sleep through the stream of costumed visitors.


Kitties are very playful, which is one of the many reasons we love them so much. Some decorations can be very tempting to a frisky furball. Plastic items, garlands, string lights, and anything small or sharp are all potential hazards. Plastic bags are dangerous as well, as they can be choking hazards. Some of the more theatrical decorations can also frighten timid pets. If Fluffy is a scaredy cat, don’t put that mechanical screaming zombie in her favorite sunbeam.


Candles and fires are very popular decorations for fall and Halloween. Kitties and flames are a dangerous mix! Put these things in spots that Fluffy can’t get to.


This is a great time to get some cute photos of your feline pal. Snap a few pictures of your furry friend with a pumpkin or autumn bouquet. There’s no such thing as too many pet photos!

Please reach out to us, your Tampa, FL vet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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