Why Isn’t My Cat Using Her Bathroom Properly?

Did you know that about one in every 10 cats will experience some kind of litter box aversion at some point in their lives? It’s not unlikely that your cat will shun her bathroom at one time or another. Get to the bottom of things with this list of possible causes from your Tampa, FL veterinarian.

It’s Not Clean Enough

You don’t prefer to do your business in a filthy restroom, and neither does your cat! If you don’t clean the litter box often enough, she may decide to avoid it altogether. We recommend scooping out your cat’s waste every day, adding a bit of fresh litter to the box to replace that which you’ve removed, and changing the litter entirely on a weekly basis. This ensures that things stay fresh and that your cat continues to use her box.

It’s Poorly Placed

Your cat may be avoiding her bathroom because she doesn’t like where it’s located. Cats don’t want to be disturbed while using the bathroom, understandably. Don’t put the litter box in a noisy, crowded area with a lot of traffic from other family members or pets. Place it in a quiet, out-of-the-way location where Fluffy can consistently use it in peace. In most homes, a bathroom, basement, or laundry room works well.

Another tip: as a general rule, don’t place your cat’s box close to her food and water dishes. Cats have been known to shun their bathroom, or stop eating and drinking, if these two areas are close together. Play it safe and keep these areas completely separate.

There Are Too Many Cats

Do you have multiple cats in your home? Not all cats enjoy sharing a bathroom! While cats can learn to share a litter box eventually, it doesn’t always go smoothly, especially at first. Here’s what to do: keep one litter box per cat. This should prevent any kind of territorial behavior and keep all of your feline friends satisfied with their bathroom arrangement.

An Injury or Illness

If you still can’t seem to find a reason why your cat is shunning her bathroom, it’s time to make an appointment at the vet’s office. Your cat might be suffering from an injury or illness that makes it difficult for her to reach or climb into the litter box.

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