World Mutt-i-grees Rescue Month

August is World Mutt-i-grees Rescue Month! This topic is very near and dear to our hearts. The main goals of this campaign are to help shelter pets find rescue homes, reduce euthanasia, and increase spay and neuter programs. However, this particular effort also includes something many other awareness events overlook, by incorporating a focus on educating children about good animal welfare, and helping teach them to become responsible adopters. A Tampa, FL veterinarian goes over some key information about the Mutt-i-gree program below.


The Mutt-i-grees program was started back in 2009, as a partnership between Yale University and the North Shore Animal League America. The program includes basic animal welfare goals, such as helping shelter pets get adopted, but also created materials for children. The kids’ materials cover five crucial aspects of pet care: Achieving Awareness, Finding Feelings, Encouraging Empathy, Cultivating Cooperation, and Dealing with Decisions. Today, the message  has spread to over 4,000 schools and libraries, through the U.S. and Canada.

A Pawsitive Message

The Mutt-i-grees program is special in that it helps both children and pets. For our furry friends, anything that raises awareness about crucial topics such as the need to spay and neuter and the importance of providing not only proper care, but also love and attention, is a good thing. Children also benefit by learning about the love and companionship pets offer. The difficult life journeys of many rescue pets tends to really resonate with kids, particularly those who are struggling with problems themselves. It also helps teach kids about empathy and kindness. You can learn more on the official website here.


We can’t really talk about Mutt-i-grees without mentioning Jeter, the very first official Mutt-i-gree pooch. The rescue pup quickly melted the heart of a guidance counselor who was participating in one of the program’s early development. She immediately adopted him. The pooch soon became an original Mutt-i-gree pup and a beloved mascot, acting as a furry, four-legged therapist to many schoolchildren. There was even a Jeter suggestion box, which was a way for students to work through their thoughts and problems by writing to their canine pal about them. Jeter crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 12, but left his pawprints on many hearts before his passing.  

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