Summer Care For Senior Pets

Summer is approaching! Of course, for those of us in Florida, it’s pretty much already here. At this time of year, keeping pets cool becomes critical. Our furry friends can overheat very easily on those sweltering days. Older animals are particularly susceptible to those temperature extremes. In this article, a local Tampa, FL vet offers some tips on keeping a four-legged senior comfortable as the weather heats up. 


Water, Water Everywhere 


Keeping Fido and Fluffy properly hydrated will go a long way towards keeping them comfy, healthy, and safe on those scorching days. Make sure they always have fresh, clean water! It’s a good idea to set out some extra bowls, especially if you have a large house, a yard, and/or multiple pets. You can also drop ice cubes into your fuzzy buddy’s water bowl. Your furry pal may also appreciate a frozen treat. Ask your vet for recommendations.




Senior pets can overheat even faster than their younger counterparts in hot weather. Watch for signs of overheating. Some red flags include panting, disorientation, discolored gums, dark urine, a warm back (in dogs), and unusual behavior or vocalizations. If you see these or any other warning signs, immediately give your pet water, take them to a cool spot, and contact your vet.


Offer Cool Retreats


Make sure your furry buddy always has a cool spot to look adorable in. One thing you can do is put a cooling mat or frozen towel on Fido or Fluffy’s bed. If you have a dog, soak a bandana and tie it around his neck on hot days. 




Adjust your four-legged friend’s walk and play schedule as needed. You may want to take Fido out in the mornings, let him out briefly at midday, and then bring him out again after it’s rained and/or the sun has gone down. Frequent shorter walks may also be in order.




Keep up with Fido and Fluffy’s beauty care needs! Dead fur and dander can interfere with the insulating properties of your pet’s fur, making them even hotter. Fido may be more comfortable with a summer ‘do, though this of course depends on the type and thickness of his coat. (Clipping is not a good option for kitties, but they will appreciate being brushed regularly.) 


As your Tampa, FL animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing great care. Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance.

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