Celebrating The Pug

Today, October 15th, is Pug Day. We’re happy to put these cuddly, adorable pooches in the spotlight! A Tampa, FL vet discusses this adorable pug below.

Love Pugs

It’s hard not to melt a bit looking at those charming pups. Fido is lovable, cuddly, and affectionate. Pugs can excel in things like obedience training, but most of them are actually couch potatoes. These cute pooches can be happy in almost any home or household.

Claims To Fame

Fido’s first job was charming the socks off Chinese emperors. He later became the mascot of the House of Orange, after alerting his owner, Prince William, to an assassin.

A Motto

Did you know that Fido has his own motto? That would be ‘Multum in Parvo’, which means ‘A lot in a little’. That’s definitely an apt mantra, as pugs really do pack a lot of personality into small bodies!


Pugs are pretty hardy, but they do have a few health concerns. For instance, they are prone to eye problems. Those bug eyes are cute, but Fido’s head shape leaves them vulnerable to injury. Respiratory issues may develop, particularly in old or obese pooches. Ask your vet for care tips.


This is one area where pugs need some special care. Fido can easily get winded, so he shouldn’t be encouraged to play vigorously, run, or otherwise overexert himself. Like other brachycephalic pups, pugs can overheat very easily, especially in hot weather. While swimming is a good way for many dogs to stay cool, it’s dangerous for pugs. Wading or splashing in a kiddie pool is more Fido’s speed.


Although pugs are small, their appetites are anything but. These guys can get a little pudgy, so you’ll need to closely supervise your furry friend’s food intake. Stick with smaller treats, and take care not to overfeed Fido. (You may need to steel yourself against those sad eyes.)


Like many smaller breeds, pugs were bred to be companion dogs. Their main goals in life are usually to rack up as many naps, cuddles, and belly rubs as possible, preferably while keeping their humans smiling. You’ll likely find Fido an absolute delight! Just keep in mind that pugs are very sociable, and don’t do well if left alone for long periods.

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