5 Things To Consider Before You Adopt A Rabbit

Easter is just around the corner! Rabbits are taking center stage this week, so it’s probably safe to say that you’ll see quite a few Easter Bunny products over the next few days. Unfortunately, this time of year always presents some animal welfare issues when it comes to rabbits. It’s still far too common for people to adopt bunnies as Easter ‘presents’ for kids. This may make for some cute pictures, but sadly, many of those cute bunnies end up being rehomed or abandoned. This is in large part because people don’t really understand the type and amount of care they need. Here, a local Tampa, FL veterinarian lists some things to consider before adopting a bunny.


Rabbits can live up to 10 years, or even more, with great care. That’s a pretty hefty commitment! If you aren’t ready to sign on for a decade of pet parenting, a bunny may not be the best choice. (Tip: hamsters and gerbils have much shorter lifespans.)


One thing that is extremely important for potential bunny owners to know is that Floppy is a tiny, adorable chewing machine. Rabbits have open-rooted teeth, so they have to chew pretty continuously to keep them from overgrowing. You’ll need to do some extensive petproofing to keep your pet and your belongings safe. Floppy will also need lots of chew toys, though you can make many of them out of household items, like cardboard and paper.

Veterinary Care

Bunnies are quite small and fragile, and they aren’t immune to illness or injury. Most bunnies should come in about once a year, for wellness care. Between visits, you’ll need to watch for signs of illness. Lethargy, lack of appetite, and strange postures are some common ones. Call us immediately if you notice any of these.

Household Pets

Do you have other pets? Rabbits and cats usually learn to coexist, but rabbits and dogs can be a dangerous combination, especially if your canine buddy has a strong prey drive.

Care Needs

Like all of our other animal companions, rabbits need love to thrive. Plan to pay lots of attention to Floppy! Your little furball will need lots of TLC and attention, as well as free time out of her cage every day.

Do you have questions about rabbit care? Contact us, your local Tampa, FL animal clinic, anytime!

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