Taking Your Dog to the Vet

Is Fido due for an exam or vaccinations? Have you noticed your canine buddy acting sick, or just not seeming like himself? Whether you’re coming in for wellness care, or scheduling an appointment because you know or suspect your dog is sick, there are ways to help make Fido’s appointment go smoothly. A local Tampa, FL vet offers some tips on this below. 


Before bringing your dog in to meet his doctor, take him for a long walk. If possible, you may want to tire him out with a vigorous play session. Fido will be better behaved if he’s already burned off his zoomies. 


Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your pup’s care, breed, diet, or behavior. We’re here to help! However, you may want to jot down your questions, or perhaps text them to yourself. Otherwise, you may completely forget that you wanted to ask about Fido’s treats, or get some food or toy recommendations. (This is the sort of thing people often remember when they’re halfway home.)  


We of course strive to give all of our patients excellent care. However, some pets simply need more time than others. If Fido is sick and/or if you suspect he may just need extra time, mention this when scheduling the appointment. 

The Drive

We always recommend keeping dogs crated for travel. Fido is just much safer that way! He’s also much more protected in case of an accident. Make your canine pal’s carrier comfy and cozy by adding bedding, toys, and treats. 


We do everything we can to make visits easy on our patients. However, strange faces, places, and smells can make our furry friends uneasy. As mentioned above, it may help to walk and play with Fido before his appointment. If your pooch gets very nervous, ask your vet about using pet-calming products. 

Do It Regularly

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep up with your pet’s regular exams. Screenings, panels, and even weigh-ins can all reveal medical issues early on. This is very beneficial, as treatment is often both easier and more effective when a problem is caught early on. Most pups should come in at least once a year, but you’ll want to ask your vet for specific advice. 

As your local Tampa, FL veterinary hospital, we are always here to help. Please contact us anytime!

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