Rescue Dog Day

Rescue Dog Day is May 20th! We’re always thrilled to see rescue dogs getting second chances. All of our canine companions deserve loving homes. A Tampa, FL veterinarian discusses rescue dogs in this article.

Finding Fido

Are you ready to bring a new dog into your life? Please consider getting a rescue dog. However, adopting your pet is a huge decision. Don’t just go for the first adorable furry face you see. Take time to choose a pup that really fits with your household, lifestyle, and other pets. For instance, if you have a cat, go for a pooch that is known to be good with kitties.

Getting Settled

Dogs need time to adjust to big changes, like going to a new home. Fido may be absolutely delighted to realize he’s been adopted, but he may still be skittish and wary. He may also sleep a lot at first. That’s fine! Get him a comfy bed, and let him recharge. Treats will go a long way towards winning his trust. You don’t want to overfeed him, so offer him bite-sized snacks.


Set down any house rules—like not getting on the couch—right away. Also, try to get your pup settled into his new doggy routine as soon as you can. Focus on rewarding Fido for good behavior, instead of reprimanding him for slip-ups. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Be Prepared

Sadly, many rescue dogs have had a bit of a rough time. Be prepared for Fido to have some fears or quirks you don’t know about yet. He might be scared of thunderstorms, or frightened of car rides. Ask your vet for help with anxiety or behavioral issues. It’s also important to make sure he has lots of toys and is getting the right type and amount of exercise.

Helping Other Pups

If this isn’t the time for you to adopt a new pet, don’t worry. You can still help other rescue dogs that are waiting—and hoping—to be adopted. Sharing the words about cute adoptable pups in shelters can help. You can also help local rescues by offering donations, dropping off supplies, or by volunteering in your spare time. If you want to go a bit further, you can even consider fostering. All of these things can help!

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