Keeping Kitty Cool

Summer is here! Heat is always a big topic for Florida’s veterinarians at this time of year. Our summers can be absolutely sweltering. Hot weather can be tough on our feline patients. Fluffy is wearing a fur coat, and she can’t sweat to cool herself off. Plus, panting isn’t very efficient for her. Here, a Tampa, FL vet offers some tips on keeping kitty cool.


First and foremost, make sure that Fluffy has plenty of fresh, cool water to drink. Your furball may also enjoy drinking from a fountain. Many kitties prefer running water!

Climate Control

Aside from providing shade and water, the best way to help your furry buddy beat the heat is to keep her indoors, in rooms cooled by air conditioning or climate control.

Cool Bed

Cats are very, very good at relaxing. Actually, they’re pretty much experts. Fluffy will naturally seek out the coolest spots to curl up in. Point a fan at or over her bed. You may also find your pet sprawled out on the floor. Tile often stays cool, so this makes sense. (Kitties also have a way of sprawling out in the middle of traffic, but that’s another topic.)


Drop an ice cube into Fluffy’s bowl on hot days. Your kitty may also enjoy batting one around. (Bonus: this is also entertaining for you.)

Kitty Hammock

Hammocks stay cooler than regular beds, as they allow air to pass below them. You can make Fluffy a hammock by attaching a piece of material to the legs of a chair or table. Voila!

Cold Treats

Many of us love to cool off on hot days with a cold snack. This is also true for pets! Give Fluffy a can of chilled tuna in water. Sodium-free broth is also fine. You can also make your feline friend some kitty versions of other popular frozen treats. Drizzle tuna juice or a bit of canned cat food over some crushed ice, or freeze some broth in an ice cube tray.


Brushing your feline buddy will also help keep her cooler. Dead fur and dander will make your pet hot and itchy, and decrease the insulating qualities of her fur.  Removing this will help Fluffy look and feel better.

Please reach out to us, your Tampa, FL vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help.

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