Homeschooling? 6 Ways Your Pet Can Help!

Homeschooling? 6 Ways Your Pet Can Help!

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, many people are suddenly finding themselves homeschooling their kids. This unexpected change can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve never been in a teaching or training position.

One thing that has been heartwarming is seeing so many people offering assistance with this. Celebrities are streaming themselves reading childrens’ books; zoos and museums offering virtual tours; and local businesses are offering resources.

As it turns out, your pet may also be ready, willing, and able to lend a helping paw. Here, a local vet lists some ways your animal companion can help with homeschooling.

Art Subject

Arts are helping a lot of people cope with being stuck at home. Have your children draw a picture of the family pet. This will be precious even if your little ones can’t draw very well yet!

Craft Time

Crafts are a great way to both keep kids occupied and help them make the most of their time. Look up some DIY crafts they can make for their animal companion. Your children can make things like bird toys, beds, rope pulls, and kitty tents from ordinary household items. You’ll find lots of great ideas online!

Writing Inspiration

Why not let your kids experiment with creative writing? Have them write a story, essay, or poem about their furry, feathered, or scaled friend.


This one will somewhat depend on how old your children are. However, if they’re mature enough to help care for the family pet, work pet care chores, such as feeding and brushing, into their schedule.


Schedule pet playtime for ‘recess.’ If you have a fenced yard, let the kids go out and toss a ball or stick for Fido. Or take a walk together with your pet. This is a good way for the kids to get some fresh air and sunlight! Plus, the exercise will be good for both your children and your pet.

Reading Time

This is a great time to let your children focus on reading. Incorporate your pet into this! Having your youngsters read stories to their furry pal will help them with pronunciation and reading aloud. You can also pick out some great kids’ books about animals. There are certainly plenty of those! When they’re done, have them write a book report.

As your local vet clinic, we are dedicated to helping our community through these difficult times. Please reach out if we can be of assistance!


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