5 And A Half Reasons To Take Your Dog To The Park

March 30th is Take A Walk In The Park Day! We certainly do have some gorgeous parks in the Tampa Bay area. Many of our canine patients love exploring new places and sniffing new grass. Actually, going to a park can be very beneficial for Fido. Here, a Tampa, FL vet lists some reasons to take your pooch to a park on this special day.


Just like people, dogs need regular exercise to be healthy. Going to the park is a great way to give Fido a good doggy workout! Of course, the activity will be good for you, too. In fact, studies show that people with dogs tend to be thinner than those without canine pals. All those walks add up!


Our canine buddies are pack animals by nature. Many pooches think of their human families as their packmates. However, it’s good for them to interact and spend time with other pups. This socialization is particularly important with puppies.


Many dogs jump for joy when they realize they’re going to the park. Fido will know that you’re doing something to make him happy, which will make him feel loved and safe. This is a great way to strengthen that special bond between you and your pet. You may find that you really enjoy getting outdoors with your furry bff!

Mental Stimulation

We probably don’t have to tell you that pups love sniffing strange grass and poke around in new bushes. This may not be the most exciting thing for you, but it actually is very interesting for Fido. Dogs pick up a truly amazing amount of information through scents. By sniffing that unremarkable patch of grass, your pet can learn all sorts of things about who’s been there recently. It’s kind of like a doggy version of reading a newspaper.

Change Of Scenery

Do you tend to take the same route when walking your furry pal? If so, there’s another good reason to bring Fido to the park. The chance of scenery will do him good!

Bonus Reason: It’s Not Sweltering Yet

While March certainly can be warm, summer’s most brutal heat is still a ways off. Get outdoors before those scorching temperatures hit!

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