Holiday Gifts For Senior Dogs

Is your dog going grey around the muzzle? Is Fido slowing down, and becoming less playful? Our canine companions grow old much more quickly than we do. It can be bittersweet to realize that your furry friend’s time is running out. However, your pet’s golden years are a special time, and one to be savored. Your faithful pet will still be the same loyal and loving companion as always: he’ll just slow down a bit. In this article, a local Tampa, FL vet offers some gift ideas for senior dogs.


Comfy beds are a definite must for older dogs. Even if Fido already has beds, he will still appreciate new ones. There’s no such thing as too many napping spots! We recommend orthopedic beds, as the extra support they offer can really help keep senior pets comfortable.

Paw Care Kits

Overgrown claws are very uncomfortable for aging dogs. Fido may change his gait to compensate, which is hard on his bones and joints. Get your pooch a pawdicure kit! Include clippers with sensors, some paw balm or wax, and blunt-end scissors for clipping those cute toe fur tufts.

Elevated Dishes

Dogs have to splay their legs to eat from bowls on the floor. This can be very uncomfortable. Offer Fido some raised dishes. Don’t forget to fill his bowl with something yummy before giving it to him!

Massage Sessions

Massages are very soothing, but they are also quite beneficial. Get Fido a session with a good pet masseuse, so he can get rid of all those painful knots.

Laser Therapy

Arthritis, as you may know, is very common among older dogs. Laser therapy can be very helpful with this. It’s a wonderful thing to see a stiff old dog becoming playful again. Ask your vet for more information.

Pet Ramps

Fido may have a hard time getting around as he ages. Pet ramps or stairs will make it easier for him to get on and off the couch, or climb in and out of the car.

Warm Water Swims

As your furry friend gets older, he won’t be as active as he once was. He’ll still need some activity, however. Warm water swims are a great way for your canine buddy to get his doggy workout in!

Happy Holidays from Baycrest Animal Clinic, your Tampa, FL vet clinic. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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