Tips For Adopting A Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Of course, we think all animals deserve loving forever homes. However, senior pets have a very hard time getting adopted, because most people just pass them by and choose puppies and kittens instead. This is very sad, because they make wonderful pets! Dogs and cats in their golden years are typically very gentle and affectionate, and have a sweet demeanor that can really melt hearts. Plus, they’re more interested in naps and belly rubs than in making mischief. Here, a Tampa, FL vet offers some advice on adopting older animals.

Get A Good Bed

A good bed is an absolute must for senior pets. Orthopedic beds are a great choice for older dogs and cats, as they offer extra support. Of course, there’s no reason your pet can’t have more than one bed. Get a few different ones, so your buddy has a comfy resting spot in every room.

Make A Veterinary Appointment

One of the first things you’ll want to do is make a veterinary appointment. Most senior pets have already been fixed, but you’ll want to make sure your furry friend is microchipped and current on their vaccines and exams. A dental exam should also be on the agenda.

Offer Senior Comforts

Pets in their golden years often have trouble jumping and climbing. Offer your furry companion pet ramps or stairs to help them get around. Elevated dishes are also a good option. If your pet has vision problems, set out runners to help them find their way around. Dogs and cats with hearing issues may appreciate toys that light up.

Feed A Proper Diet

A good diet will go a long way towards keeping your pet happy and healthy. Senior pets sometimes get a bit pudgy, simply because they aren’t as active as their younger counterparts. Ask your vet for nutritional advice.

Let Love Grow

Your furry pal may need some time to settle in. Older animals often have a hard time adjusting to the loss of their former owners. They may also need to recoup from being in a shelter. Don’t force attention on your new buddy: just focus on offering them great care. Purrs and tail wags from senior pets are truly precious!

Please contact us, your Tampa, FL vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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