Reducing Anxiety in Cats

Cats have worked very hard to make us think that they are cruel, cold-hearted predators. While Fluffy is certainly a formidable hunter, she’s actually not quite as aloof as she pretends. In fact, our feline buddies are very emotional, and can suffer from stress, depression, and anger, just like people. If you know or suspect that your furball is anxious, read on. In this article, a local Tampa, FL vet offers tips on reducing stress in cats.

Let Fluffy Be A Cat

Many kitty quirks are really quite adorable, so it’s easy for people to just chuckle at them. However, it’s important to realize that many of Fluffy’s odd behaviors, such as clawing, climbing, and exploring, are instinctive needs. Make your home a fun, comfy haven for your pet by adding things that let her do what she does naturally: eat, sleep, scratch, explore, and pounce on things.


Our feline pals can get very lonely and anxious if they feel too isolated. Spend lots of time with Fluffy! Play with her, talk to her, pet her, and let her snooze on your lap. Just like people, kitties need to feel loved to truly thrive.


While some cats are fearless, pint-sized lions that fear nothing, others are very timid, and get frightened quite easily. Make sure that your furball has a hiding place to go to in every room. This can be a box or storage tote with a kitty ‘door,’ an enclosed pet tent or tipi, or a cat tower with an enclosed level.


Many kitties really enjoy being brushed. If you like going to a salon or barbershop, you can understand why. It’s nice to be pampered! Brush your furry friend daily. This will give Fluffy some relaxing quality time with you, and keep her fur looking good.


Spend a few minutes a day playing with Fluffy. This will help your cute pet work off some of her nervous energy. It will also allow her to take out her aggression on a cat toy. Think of this as a kitty version of hitting a punching bag on a bad day.

Kitty-Calming Products

There are now several different products, such as synthetic pheromones and nutraceuticals, which can help soothe nervous kitties. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

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