Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

The dog days of summer are approaching fast. This time of year can be brutally hot here in Florida. The heat can be very dangerous for our four-legged friends. One of the best things you can do to keep your furry pal cool is to make sure he stays well hydrated. A Tampa, FL vet offers tips on how to do that below.

Fresh Water

Making sure your cute pet always has plenty of fresh water is very important. If you often find your furry friend’s bowl dry, you may need to get a bigger one. If you have more than one pet, and/or a large house, set out multiple water stations. You may also want to get your pet a drinking fountain. (Note: this is a great option for cats that like tap water.) If you have a yard for your animal companion to play in, keep water bowls out there as well. Remember to wash the dishes every day, as otherwise dirt and grime will build up, which can cause dangerous bacteria to grow.

Cool Treats

Pets often enjoy cool treats just as much as people do. Offer Fido some doggy ice cream, which you can find in many supermarkets and pet stores. You can also make your pooch some pupsicles by putting doggy treats; kibble; or cooked, shredded meat in an ice cube tray. Pour some sodium-free broth over it, and freeze overnight for your canine pal. As for Fluffy, she can have cat milk, or a cold can of tuna in water.


Speaking of broth, sodium-free broth is a great treat. Pour some into your pet’s water, or offer them a little bowl. You can use chicken, beef, or fish broth. Just check the label to make sure it doesn’t contain MSG.

Ice Cubes

Many dogs like chomping down an ice cube or two on hot days. You can give Fido a couple if you like. Just don’t go overboard. As for cats, many kitties enjoy batting ice cubes around. Fluffy regulates her temperature through her paw pads, so this is a great way for her to cool off.

Wet Food

One benefit of wet food is that it contains more moisture than kibble. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.

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