4 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat This Month

June is a special month for cat lovers: it’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! We think all kitties deserve loving homes! Unfortunately, many cute, sweet furballs in shelters are running out of time to get adopted. Read on as a Tampa, FL vet lists some great reasons to adopt a shelter cat.

Promote Animal Welfare

When you adopt from a shelter, you’re giving one lucky cat a second chance at happiness and a new lease on life. You’re also helping other homeless pets. For one thing, the money you spend on Fluffy’s adoption fees will help the shelter care for other pets. You’ll also free up space for another homeless kitty. Last but not least, you’ll know that you aren’t inadvertently supporting a breeder or retailer that’s more interested in making money than in helping animals.

Make A Friend

Cats are smart enough to know when someone has helped them. Fluffy has a way of being extra loving and affectionate to her saviors. Your new feline pal may repay you with endless purrs and snuggles, as well as unwavering kitty friendship. These are some of the best things in life, as far as we’re concerned. There are few things more heartwarming than seeing a scared shelter cat blossom and thrive as a pampered, happy housecat!

Save Money

Going to a shelter is typically cheaper than getting a cat from a breeder or pet store. You may also save on veterinary care costs, since most shelter pets are already spayed or neutered and current on their vaccines and parasite control. If you are planning to adopt two kitties, you may save even more money.

Find The Purrfect Pet

Shelters typically have a wide variety of cats to pick from. It isn’t always easy to choose from all those adorable furry faces! Kittens often get adopted quickly, because they are so adorable. Plus, many people just like the idea of getting their animal companions as babies. However, don’t overlook that sweet senior kitty, or that playful adult feline. Sometimes the cats that seem the most unappealing really make the best pets! Spend some time with Fluffy before making a final decision. This is very important! After all, adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment.

Please call us, your local Tampa, FL pet hospital, anytime. We are dedicated to keeping cats healthy and purring!

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