Practicing Preventative Healthcare

We all want to keep our animal companions healthy and happy for as many years as possible. Preventative healthcare is the perfect way to do that! Below, your Tampa, FL veterinarian tells you about the preventative measures your pet needs.

Quality Diet

One of the easiest ways that you can keep your pet healthy for years on end is to feed them a great diet. When your pet receives the proper nutrients through food, all body systems stay healthy. Coupled with regular exercise, your pet will burn off excess calories to stay fit. Consult your veterinarian for a recommendation on a high-quality, age-appropriate diet for your four-legged companion.


Diseases like parvovirus, distemper, rabies, hepatitis, Lyme disease, influenza, and more present a real threat to your animal friend. The trick is arming your furry friend against these diseases to avoid the danger ahead of time! Have your pet vaccinated early on in life; most pets can receive initial vaccines as early as eight weeks of age. Contact your vet’s office if your pet is in need of vaccinations; we are happy to help!

Pest Control

It’s far more difficult to eradicate an infestation of fleas or worms than it is to guard against them with proper preventive medicines. Ticks are another common problem, and they can transmit serious diseases. By setting your pet up with a quality flea-and-tick medication, as well as a heartworm preventative, you’re saving yourself worry, hassle, and money!

Veterinary Visits

Make sure your pet sees their veterinarian on a regular basis. When your pet is examined at least twice a year, any health concerns can be caught, diagnosed, and treated early on, before they get any worse. Plus, your vet can keep track of your pet’s overall health and update vaccines and pest-control refills as needed.

Dental Care

Dental health issues are some of the most common problems that veterinarians see in cats and dogs. That’s because it’s easy to overlook dental care at home—keep your pet healthy by brushing the teeth (always use a canine- or feline formulated toothpaste!), offering dental chews and plenty of fun chew toys, and providing a full dish of fresh water at all times.

Does your pet need vaccinations, pest-control medications, or a new food choice? We’re here to help with all of your pet’s essential care needs. Set up an appointment with your Tampa, FL veterinary clinic today!

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