Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Do you know that there’s a specific kitty holiday coming up? January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If your cat could talk, what do you think she would want to ask about? A local Tampa, FL vet offers some educated guesses in this article.

What’s In There?

Our feline friends are very curious. Fluffy will be eager to explore cupboards, suitcases, boxes, and even dresser drawers.

Why Can’t I Sleep There?

If there was just one thing cats were renowned for—other than being adorable—it would be their ability to fall asleep anywhere. Fluffy just may not understand why you moved her off your laptop!

Where Did My Toys Go?

Making sure your pet has plenty of fun toys to play with is very important. Of course, if you give your kitty a new plaything, Fluffy may immediately bat her new toy under the couch, and then look at you with a slightly accusing expression.

Why Did You Move Me? I was helping!

Our furry friends do try to give their human buddies a hand. Fluffy may offer her assistance when you are changing sheets, folding laundry, wrapping gifts, or cooking.

What Are You Doing?

Cats are quite nosy little furballs, and like to watch their humans closely. Fluffy may even follow you into the bathroom!

Why Are You Always Laughing At Me?

There are many things to love about cats, but one of the best things about these little furballs is the fact that they are so entertaining. Your feline buddy’s amusing quirks and adorable kitty shenanigans will definitely keep you smiling.

Why Do You Spend So Much Time On The Computer?

As far as Fluffy is concerned, nothing you could be doing is more important than paying lots of attention to her. Your furry friend may sprawl out on your keyboard, or on the book you are reading, if she thinks that you’re ignoring her.

Can I Fit In That?

Kitties love to explore nooks and crannies. If you bring an empty box home from work, your feline pal will no doubt immediately want to check it out . . . even if it turns out to be much too small for her!

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